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From Women's Health Thailand Nov 2015

From Women's Health Thailand Nov 2015

A little slow to get this one out considering this was a year ago, but I am very honoured to have been featured in Women's Health Thailand last year. Being Half Thai-Chinese from my father's side, it was a very meaningful to be able to share some positive thoughts on yoga, climbing and living well with the Thai community. Read below for an English Translation. A lot has happened in the year since this was printed but the root sentiments are the same! Thank you Women's Health Thailand for including me in your edition.

Women’s Health Thailand: A Chat With Tiffany Soi

“Persevere in the face of challenge”


In the past, she was a successful gymnast for 10 years. Life changed because of injuries. However, she never gives up and is always looking to keep strong and fit: Yoga has been an answer in restoring joy.

Present Career

My “day job” is running construction projects but I am also a certified Strala Yoga Guide and a Wellness Coach, helping people make smarter and healthier life choices. Helping others to feel better in this life is where my real passion lies.

The Start of Yoga

I started when I was 16, using picture books. I found Strala on internet when I was in my late twenties and it offered a very open attitude. It helps develop a calm, non aggressive, and accepting attitude in your mind and then you start experiencing all sorts of growth and strength in your physical body.

Caring for Yourself & Living Well

I love rock climbing and I am a competitive climber. It is the most amazing sport! It is another form of moving meditation for me-you only need yourself, your mind, and an understanding of your body to solve a problem. Yoga has been a game changer in getting me physically fit and healthy again after many years of being injured. I eat healthily, lots of fresh salads and free range & organic products. However, I do believe  food is to be enjoyed andeverything can be had in moderation.

Open yourself to your surroundings

My maths teacher told me to persevere in the face of challenge, welcome or not, it will pay off, and that has stuck with me. Be open in heart and mind to unexpected opportunities. These days, people can be too self focused and not notice those around us. A gentle smile, a simple thank you or a hello to a stranger can transform their day. A short call, or a message to your friends and family can change your relationship.

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