Tiffany has a special combination of strength, athleticism and graceful caring attention that leaves you feeling supported and inspired in all of her guiding, on and off the mat. I always feel rejuvenated and energized after time with her.
— Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala Yoga

About Tiffany

Tiffany brings together a wealth of experience and awareness of the human body into her ClimbFlow work, her yoga teaching, and wellness guiding: As a former elite British gymnast and a consistently top-qualifying competitive rock climber, she understands understands the cyclical effect between mind and body in both positive and challenging times. She trained to become one of the world's leading Strala Yoga guides with Tara Stiles in 2014 whilst living and studying in New York. Seeking to understand the connection between mental and physical states even further, she has also trained in Loyd Williamson movement methods for physical & emotional release as well as Linklater vocal and breathing techniques at the Maggie Flanigan Studio NYC. 

Her passion for people and encouraging positive change has been longstanding: During her former time in corporate technology, Tiffany worked with leading applied psychology centres and neuroscientists to create development programmes for healthier, happier and ultimately more functional humans that “work with their minds” rather than against them. Cultivating self-awareness and prioritising self care is not only applicable to people in the corporate world but everyone in their personal and athletic pursuits! Tiffany is an adamant believer that we can all develop stronger, more resilient bodies and minds alike. What's more she is a champion for promoting strong, functional & healthy body images, especially for women, at a time where "thin" is still massively being used to represent athletic and healthy women in the modern media.

Enthusiastic for the future, Tiffany looks forward to connecting with you soon either in a studio, a workplace, or during some one-to-one time.


Astrophysicalist: somewhere in all that she attained a first-class degree in Astrophysics; she wonders about the space that we are all expanding into, in all the ways that we see and especially in all the ways that we don’t. She still believes that one day she will build her own wormhole, when she gets some time.